February 8, 2015

Love, Love, Love & Relationships
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Relationships can start out like a deck of cards: with two hearts and a diamond, and end with a club and a spade. Hopefully, that is not the case and you can learn from the ups and downs. Humor is a great way to get acquainted, as guest Leonardo Busto talks about. Babe Magnet, Chad Stone talk about killing off relationships and what not to do and David Bennett adds the dos and don’ts of dating. Dating should never stop for it keeps passion alive. Then again, as guest, Debra Rogers wrote about, “He May Have Done You a Favor with her “She” sequel in the works. Debra says favors are a good thing, opening doors to what’s next. We may never fully understand the dynamics of love, but a lot like the Army, we don’t always like it when we are in it, but we keep reenlisting.


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All Appears to Change When We Change

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