December 22, 2013

Christmas with Clark Weber
Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-12-22.mp3

Aging Info Radio is once again honored to have Clark Weber joining our Christmas time show. At age 82, this extraordinary radio icon stays active sharing his stories with Chicagoans – with a radio career that has spanned over 50 years, he actively entertains and just keeps on going.  With grace, humor and wit, Clark engages others in his extraordinary storytelling that he does so well.  It is not only his stories so well told, Clark brings about many grins and giggles to listeners. In spirit of the holidays, it would not be Christmas with Clark, unless he told the Christmas Cup of Tea story.  For all with an aging loved one, this story speaks loudly from the heart, so grab your hanky and enjoy the story because no one tells it quite like Clark Weber!

Photo-2012-12-08-Clark-Weber Photo-2012-12-08-Sue-Clark

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