December 1, 2013

Holiday Safety ~ Deck the Halls with No Falls
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It is time to deck the halls and hopefully with no falls. Every year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an estimated one third of adults, 65 years and older experience a fall. These falls are the leading cause of injury related deaths among seniors. Dr. JoAnn Fletcher, Aging in Place Specialist, knows how little changes in your home can make a big difference with safety. Paula Levy, Co-Owner of AP-Lifeline says that having a Medical Safety Alert, if an elderly loved one is alone and falls or needs help, is the answer. Paula and Joann have some great gift ideas for the holiday season. If the gift is being bought for an elderly loved one, it is not only their gift. It is a peace of mind gift for the entire family and so well worth it!

SAMSUNG Photo-2013-12-01-Paula-Levy

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