July 14, 2013

Reverse & Forward Mortgages
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Strict regulations have made getting a mortgage loan much more difficult. What used to take 30 days, now can take 90 days or longer. Danielle Wilson, the Reverse Mortgage Specialist, says that no senior needs to struggle financially, if they have equity in their home. A Reverse Mortgage can greatly impact finances and can be done in 4-6 weeks. Rich Simpson, President of US Lending & Finance, LTD provides his clients with a streamlined, one stop shop approach, as their mortgage banker. With Rich’s personal approach and 35 years of experience, he offers options that a loan originator or banker may not have access to. If you are being taken care of during the mortgage process, the process should be simple. If not, call US Lending & Finance LTD and have their simplified, streamlined process, work for you and make your life easier!

www.USLendingLTD.com 630-205-5637

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