June 30, 2013

Aging Successfully
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Just as with any success, aging is not exempt from the work it takes to do it successfully. A ten year study on aging verified what we already know: to age successfully we must avoid disease, maintain high cognitive and physical function, and stay actively engaged in life. It sounds so easy, but the problem is, most of us do not think about aging in our younger years. We start thinking about it in our sixties and sometimes not at all. Keep in mind, at age 65, living to 85 means that you still have 23% of your life to live or 7,300 days left. We have the time and ability to age well even as we retire. Simply put your plan in place, stick with it and make 85 look young as you become a centenarian!

National Institute on Aging

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Perseverance is the Will to Hold on a Little Bit Longer

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