April 13, 2013

Career Building at Any Age
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The number of working Americans age 65 and over has doubled in the last 15 years with a record of 7.2 million in the work force. Much of this has been driven by 401(k)s decimated, an increase in the social security age and a decrease in those who retire with pensions. Not all is doom and gloom, as working does have its benefits. We stay active, social and with a purpose, which is important as we age. Business and Career Coach, Vickie Austin says a “Career Encore” may be the answer. It could be time to do something you have always wanted to do or discover what you would love to do. With a little thought process and strategic planning, your Career Encore could have you passionately doing what you love. It may even become the best time and most alive encore of your life!

The mission of her practice is to “Create a world in which everyone loves what they do and does what they love.”


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