March 30, 2013

Prescription Addiction & Chronic Pain Management
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Drugs are now the number 1 accidental killer in the United States with the vast majority of them being deaths caused by prescription drugs. Joyce Marter, Owner & Psychotherapist at Urban Balance addresses some of the signs of drug abuse, risk of addiction and how depression and pain are related. Dr. Daniel Twogood has been practicing for 30 years and discovered that chronic pain is caused by chronic inflammation. It can be eliminated by making specific changes to foods, food additives, supplements, and medication. If you suffer from chronic pain and conventional medicine has failed you, something as simple as dietary changes may be your answer. Prescription drug addiction continues to grow and do not become a victim of it. Alternative healing can alleviate chronic pain and drug addiction treatment is available should you need one or both. Reach out for help sooner than later and know that there are many options available to live pain and drug free.

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