March 9, 2013

GI Health
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Our GI Tract is known as the second brain in the body. It fuels stress and emotions just as it fuels our weight and appetite along with 70% of the body’s immune system dwelling in the digestive tract. Dr. Joseph Mazzei and Dr. Michelle Schultz of BodyLogic MD relate to digestive problems as the possible causes of allergies, arthritis, auto-immune disease, rashes, chronic fatigue, mood disorders and more. They both know that balancing good bacteria with pro-biotics, adding enzymes to aid in digestion and detoxifying periodically can help our GI Tract as we age. Vegetables and low sugar fruits are the best foods for digestive health. Stay away from sugar and flour foods known as the white culprits. They add calories and no nutritional value. Learn what foods work best for you and keep your gut healthy it will greatly impact your overall health and immune system.


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