November 17, 2012

Leeza’s Place
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-11-17.mp3

The evolution of Leeza’s Place started after Leeza Gibbons and her family, over the course of ten years watched her mother succumb to Alzheimer’s disease. After her mother’s death Leeza recognized that when she first needed help she had no place to turn for caregiving guidance and support. With this recognition Leeza started Leeza’s Place and now has two locations in California, two in Florida and one in Joliet Illinois. As Leeza said, caregiving can be a depressing, stressing and an isolating experience coupled with compassion fatigue. At times you want to pull the covers over your head because you are temporarily frozen and do not know what to do. Kathy Miller, Program Outreach Director at Leeza’s Place in Joliet says that Leeza’s Place is a gathering place and community resource center committed to providing free support services, resources and programs for family caregivers. If you are directly or indirectly a caregiver, know that you are never alone and Leeza’s Place is a great place to start.

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