October 27, 2012

Medicare Reform & Medicaid Spending
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-10-27.mp3

Malcolm Out Loud, the “Brink Thinker” sees our Medicare program as the forefront issue in all elections. He says politicians use scare tactics of it being broke to get votes. Brink Thinking, Malcolm believes, is a reinvention of our current Medicare program that could provide greater access to care, and sustain itself with our growing demographics. Medicaid is no better off with food stamps and the SNAP program costing $80 billion per year and growing fast. The Watch Dog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski says that welfare is creating a culture of dependence and entitlement which continues to weaken our nation. Just one of the many weak points as Woodrow Wilcox knows firsthand. Medicare loses $1billion a year in false and erroneous Medicare claims. Maybe it’s time to reinvent both systems and Woodrow’s book, Solving Medicare Problems may a place to start.


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