September 8, 2012

Long Term Care & Retirement Realities
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-09-08.mp3

Long Term Care insurance 25 years ago was called Nursing Home Insurance.  As with most everything, progression is inevitable through time. Today’s Long Term Care policies serve policy holders to provide benefits with home care, skilled care, assisted living and more depending on the riders and the company who issues the policy. Murray & Brian Gordon, owners of MAGA Long Term Care have been serving the greater Chicagoland area for the past 38 years. Brian discusses the most important riders for anyone considering a policy and how to use your Health Savings Account for ltc insurance.  John O’Connor is known as the Safe Money Guy and he makes sure that your retirement fund is secure  and with growth.  Best of all, you will not lose any of your hard earned retirement investing in a retirement fund with O’Connor & Associates.  This is what John does best!


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