April 28, 2012

Being an Every Day Hero & Living Stories
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-04-28.mp3

So many times in life a moment passes by where we know that we could have spoken up or taken action and stopped something. Most people rarely if ever do this when it is needed the most. Hear from Mike Dilbeck, Founder, President & Speaker of Response Ability Project about “By Stander Behavior”.  Mike discusses why so many of us choose to look the other way instead of intervening and becoming an Every Day Hero. My 2nd guest, Jan Quinn knows that everyone has extraordinary in their life story at sometime. Jan’s company, Living Stories provides expertise to make the process of writing your life story enjoyable.  What could be a better than to leave your legacy in print for others to know the details about your life. Tune in  to our podcast, Mike and Jan are awesome guests!

www.RAProject.org & www.LivingStories.us

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Don’t Let Your Past Steal Your Future

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