April 14, 2012

Seasonal Allergies & Wellness
Podcast Download: AIR-2012-04-14.mp3

It is that dreadful time of the year for over 50 million people who suffer from allergies. Kelly Hickel, CEO of TheraBiogen offers a homeopathic relief for allergies, colds & flu called Theramax Relief. Within 30 minutes of taking this homeopathic product you can have relief and with no side effects. Marc Lerner, my 2nd guest, has lived with MS for 30 years.  His book “A Healthy Way to Be Sick” teaches that when our inner and outer resources work together, a powerful partnership emerges. It is common to look outside for the solutions to problems when you are sick; but when you look within first and develop important life skills, you can better use external resources. Marc’s Life Skills Institute teaches how to Discover Your True Healing Potential.

www.TheramaxRelief.com & www.LifeSkillsInc.com


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