February 18, 2012

TherFit the Perfect Fit

Technology is not slowing down and the world wide web continues to expand at an accelerated rate with consumer shopping sites.  Learn from Doug Gregory, CEO & Co-Founder of TherFit eStores how you can directly provide to your patients and customers the products they need to improve their health. Chad Koster, Regional V.P. assures you that if you are a health care provider, senior care facility, home care company, fitness professional or athletic trainer it is business smart to have your own TherFit eStore. Your eStore allows you to purchase directly from suppliers of medical grade products. You provide what your patients or customers need while generating revenue for your business. TherFit eStores are changing the way Healthcare & Wellness professionals do business.


 Chad Koster

Podcast Download: AIR-2012-02-18.mp3

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