April 20, 2014

Attitude & New Beginnings Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-04-20.mp3

Attitude can make or break a marriage, family, friendship, a business, the best of times and so much more. If you have a choice, in every moment, bring the best you, to the party. Guest Roslyn Franken, had a big hurdle to overcome after being diagnosed [...]

April 13, 2014

Emotional Liposuction Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-04-13.mp3

As we get older, our emotional baggage weighs us down, which can lead us to try and suppress stuffed feelings by self-medicating, drinking or with happy endorphins, but they are temporary fixes. Chi Kung Master, Gary Clyman offers a onetime Emotional Liposuction treatment to rid the big emotions: [...]

April 6, 2014

Chronic Disease & Emotional Health Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-04-06.mp3

Hope is on the Horizon, as Patricia Stephens, author of Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health says. Patricia shares her disabling story in her book and now works as a Certified Nutritional Consultant. She believes that masking symptoms with medication is costly, when [...]

March 30, 2014

Emeritus Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-03-30.mp3

If you are one of the lucky ones to a live a long life, you will at some point need care and assistance. Planning ahead is the key, and hopefully, long before a health crisis occurs. Not all senior living communities are alike, as today’s smart and savvy consumers [...]

March 23, 2014

B12 & the Supplement Pyramid Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-03-23.mp3

Consumers are offered thousands of choices for vitamins and supplements. Some are attached with words such as organic, natural or certified along with packaging of foods, claiming they are the health superstars with vitamins added. So many choices create confusion and uncertainty. Guest, Sally Polochok, [...]

March 16, 2014

Spring Time Is Puppy Time Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-03-16.mp3

Dogs keep you healthy, they bring you unconditional love and can extend your life. It takes very little time before our four legged friends are part of the family. Establishing boundaries early on is important, and this is where Professional Dog Trainer Wendy Greenfield comes [...]

March 9, 2014

Selling Your Valuables & Moving Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-03-09.mp3

As we age, the transition of moving is not only a top stressor, it also greatly effects our emotional health. Saying goodbye to a place that you have been familiar with for years can bring about a range of emotions. You may have valuable items [...]

March 2, 2014

Secure Retirement with American Equity Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-03-02.mp3

The question on the forefront with much concern today for baby boomers and seniors is, will I out live my retirement? The biggest mistake made, is failing to plan. Ron Grensteiner is the President of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company, an American owned and [...]

February 23, 2014

Self Sabotage & Weight Loss Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-02-23.mp3

When we say that we want something, then go about making sure it doesn’t happen, this is self-sabotage. Weight loss and self-sabotage can go together making it difficult, if not impossible, to reach our goals. Guest, Tim Shurr, says we must learn to use our [...]

February 16, 2014

Heart Health & Stress Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-02-16.mp3

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, counting for one out of every four deaths. Daily activities and a healthy diet can help build a strong heart and ward off heart disease, as Kathy Gruver, Natural Health Speaker and Practitioner [...]

February 9, 2014

Love, Love, Love & Relationships Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-02-09.mp3

Valentine’s Day, here it is again, the love holiday. Worldwide over 50 million roses and 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold to celebrate and acknowledge love on this holiday. Guest, psychotherapist & author, Elliot Connie talks about relationships and his newest book, [...]

February 2, 2014

Healthy Bones Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-02-02.mp3

Strong bones play a vital role in supporting our overall health. Many times breaking a bone can start a downward health spiral leading to much worse. Osteoporosis is an epidemic with projections that one out of every two people by 2020 will have the disease. Jenny Mandell, Founder [...]

January 26, 2014

Weight Management & Obesity Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-01-26.mp3

A trend in weight management with a focus on our health is finally here! If you are overweight or obese you are wreaking havoc on your health in many ways. Seattle Sutton, President and Founder of Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, knows it is all about calories [...]

January 19, 2014

Land Trust Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-01-19.mp3

If you own property, are concerned about asset protection or your privacy, this show is for you! For over 100 years, Chicago Title Land Trust Company has been providing land trusts to their clients. Daniel Lanciotti and David Halperin, V.P. Executives at Chicago Title Land Trust Company see [...]

January 12, 2014

Ageless Aging Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-01-12.mp3

Baby boomers & seniors today are aging but not growing old, as seen in today’s first guest, Cathi Watson. At age 80, Cathi exercises daily, is a performer, blog talk radio host, author and speaker. With a mission is to change the world’s perception of aging now, Cathi [...]

January 5, 2014

Loving Yourself & Others Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-01-05.mp3

How about a year of loving yourself? When we learn to love ourselves, loving others, occurs more naturally. Self love is not familiar to most of us. We do not wake up and think about all the ways we are going to love and care for [...]

December 29, 2013

An Optimistic 2014! Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-12-29.mp3

Ringing in the New Year is days away and of course, the resolution tradition comes around again. So many of us make New Year resolutions, promising to do or not do something. Statistics show, by the second week of January, 70% of the resolutions have been broken. [...]

December 22, 2013

Christmas with Clark Weber Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-12-22.mp3

Aging Info Radio is once again honored to have Clark Weber joining our Christmas time show. At age 82, this extraordinary radio icon stays active sharing his stories with Chicagoans – with a radio career that has spanned over 50 years, he actively entertains and just [...]

December 15, 2013

The Gift Of Disease Prevention Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-12-15.mp3

There was a time when medical doctors were respected with resolute trust. This has changed partly because years ago medical research and development was a much slower process. It has become impossible for practicing physicians to stay current with the avalanche of new research findings, [...]

December 8, 2013

Holiday Humor Blog Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-12-08.mp3

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones. Deep down belly laughs are naturally healthy and it is good to find the funny in the craziness of every, holiday season. Comedian, actor and author, Tommy Connolly knows how to find the [...]

December 1, 2013

Holiday Safety ~ Deck the Halls with No Falls Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-12-01.mp3

It is time to deck the halls and hopefully with no falls. Every year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an estimated one third of adults, 65 years and older experience a fall. These falls are the leading [...]

November 24, 2013

Alzheimer’s & the Law Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2014-11-24.mp3

Alzheimer’s is one of the cruelest diseases to humanity and heart wrenching to families. More than 5 million people have this dreadful disease and it cannot be prevented, cured or slowed down. Kerry Peck, Managing Partner of Peck Bloom Elder Law Firm knows it is in [...]

November 17, 2013

Healthy Living with Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-11-17.mp3

Antioxidants can slow down oxidative damage, also known as aging. They work most effectively directly from a natural food source, rather than in a synthetic supplement. Brad Wendzel, President of Coloma Frozen Foods knows from experience than many fruits and vegetables provide [...]

November 10, 2013

Veterans & their Spouses Show Blog Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-11-10.mp3

November 11th, Veterans Day is the day to honor and thank those who have served in the United States Military. We have 24 million U.S. Veterans to thank for our freedoms. As veterans come home, returning to civilian life can be difficult. Support programs [...]

November 3, 2013

National Family Caregivers Month Click Here for Podcast: AIR-2013-11-03.mp3

November is National Family Caregiver Month and the theme for 2013 is “Family Caregivers – Now More Than Ever!” This theme is right on time for 90 million national caregivers. Statistics are showing that one out of every four households are directly or indirectly providing care [...]